MJ, carnitine and DHEA (Was: Re: Time for a jump in quality?)

den Otter (otter@globalxs.nl)
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 23:48:39 +0200

> From: Dan Fabulich <daniel.fabulich@yale.edu>

> At 01:22 PM 3/29/98 +0200, den Otter wrote:
> >Smoke MJ every now and then for fun, as an aphrodisiac, and to permanently
> >enhance critical thinking skills and sensory imput.
> Is this true? Who says so? Where can I read more about this?

I know this from some five years experience (moderate and light use)
with the drug. The effects have been confirmed by most other users I talked
to, and by general cannabis literature (not the government stuff, of course).
Of course these experiences are very subjective, but even if you only *think*
that they are meaningful, then they are in fact meaningful. Like the text below
says, (see link) there really hasn't been much research yet into the finer
effects on creativity and such. Most testing is still heavily influenced by the
negative "hippyboy" image of weed, and doesn't come much further than
concluding that "mice get slow when really stoned" - or something like that.

What is pretty clear though is that moderate use, especially if you vaporize
the stuff is extremely safe, and that at least the subjective feel of the
experience can be profound. My appreciation of music has greatly increased
since I smoke pot, for example. You really learn how to focus on different
aspects of it, smoothly amplifying or blocking notes and rhytms, creating
new songs as you go along. Try it!

A good place to look is:

Point by point:

Fun -- This is something most people can agree on ;-) I have found that the
more depressed you are before use, the happier you will get after. There is
no dip as you "return to normal"; you stay in a good mood (effects may
vary from person to person, and from situation to situation but ik works
for me).

Aphrodisiac -- THC increases the heart rate and general blood flow,
while at the same time inhibitations melt away and the imagination works
overtime. These are the clinical facts, the real thing is MUCH better
(try for yourself).

Better sensory processing -- all senses are intensified, and it's a lot easier to
focus on any one of them. Food for example becomes a whole new

Critical thinking -- when high you see all kinds of interesting things about
events and people that you didn't notice before, new insights often just pop
into your head.

I know many people on this list are prejudiced when it comes to drugs
like marijuana, but they should really try it for themselves first (a couple
of times, it usually doesn't work properly the first time) and then make an
*informed* judgement. You don't have to explain why MJ is
transhumanistically relevant to anyone who has actually tried it ;-)

For some general drug links see:

> >Use DHEA and/or carnitine for fat control, muscle buildup without training
> and
> >increased fitness (among other things).
> I'm very interesting in these, but I'm not really sure where I'd learn more
> about them. Any tips?

Try http://www.ceri.com/dhea.htm for DHEA info and
http://lef.org/prod_hp/php-ab041.html and http://lef.org/shop/alc1.htm
for carnitine info. The Life Extension Foundation also has lots of other
great drug info ( http://www.lef.org ).

Also in this case I have first hand info, which may or may not apply to
others (only one way to find out). I've been using carnitine for approx.
half a year, with the following results (within a month): 1) decrease of
access fat, especially around the waist. 2) hardening and moderate
growth of muscles (without any noteworthy training). 3) couple of
kilos weight gain due to muscle growth 4) more energy & better
general fitness 5) a generally more assertive feel (but this is hard to
measure objectively, though not surprising since testosterone levels
are increased by carnitine intake).

I use: Carnitene TM, from Sigma Tau (R) - Italy
The "official" indications are:

--fast deterioration of muscle function
--problems with the central nervous system
--the build-up of fat in muscle tissues or other tissues

DHEA has pretty much similar effects, as far as I can tell (after a
couple of weeks of use). Personally I prefer carnitine though, it's
effects are pleasantly milder (very subjective, of course). Afaik both
supplements increase testosterone levels, among other things.

As an alternative to directly taking DHEA you might try ADHS, a
substance that stimulates the natural production of DHEA (in the
thyroid gland, I think). I have mine from Biotics Research Corporation,
Houston, Texas 77236