Re: Time for a jump in quality?

Anders Sandberg (
30 Mar 1998 22:35:11 +0200

"den Otter" <> writes:

> > This 'evidence' would probably not be admissible (other listmembers van
> > probably give more details here - not my field).
> Yes, I know (at least in Holland anyway). This is a major flaw of our justice
> system. People are paranoia about cameras here because they're supposed
> to "infringe their freedom", but at the same time they let all kinds of other
> freedoms be taken away from them without a murmur. Ah well <sigh>.

Things might get even more fun if we start to use mediated reality a
la Steve Mann, where cameras and image processing are a natural part
of the wearable computer. He has made a quite good claim that such
technologies enhance freedom instead of taking it away.

Apropos this interesting subject, I have heard that there are many
buildings in Holland deliberately surrounded by low hedges and with
large vindows allowing passers-by to see in, apparently part of some
kind of "we have absolutely nothing to hide" memeset. Is this true, or
just a misobservation from my source?

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