Re: Justice and Punishment

den Otter (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 18:12:28 +0200

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> John K Clark [] wrote:
> >I concede that if you let me provide the video tape I can give you iron clad
> >proof that I was not at the crime scene, even if I was.
> Exactly; I can't imagine how anyone could put a significant amount of
> trust in video 'evidence' when CGI is becoming so sophisticated. Take a
> look, for example, at the recent 'Mexican UFO' video.

The trick is of course that with surveillance systems *all over* you'd have to
know about, and then manipulate, all those that recorded your illegal actions.
A very tough job, you'll probably get caught and then you're completely
screwed (why was this guy messing with the files? -- ah, he must have
something to hide!). Besides, there are many other forms of evidence
(like forensics) that would have to be manipulated too. Yes it can be done...
theoretically. Not many real people could do it. Down goes the crime rate :-)