Re: Time for a jump in quality?

den Otter (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 18:04:18 +0200

> From: Arjen Kamphuis <>

> den Otter wrote:
> >Also, it might be a good idea to wear miniature cameras and microphones
> >on your clothing (preferably well hidden) whenever possible, and
> >especially during important events like signing deals, making bets etc.
> >You never know when this hard evidence might come in handy.
> This 'evidence' would probably not be admissible (other listmembers van
> probably give more details here - not my field).

Yes, I know (at least in Holland anyway). This is a major flaw of our justice
system. People are paranoia about cameras here because they're supposed
to "infringe their freedom", but at the same time they let all kinds of other
freedoms be taken away from them without a murmur. Ah well <sigh>.

Anyway, you could still use the evidence for blackmail or revenge, to convince
friends and family and lots of other things (sell it to Candid Camera). And
I suppose in some parts of the USA/world it *would* be allowed as evidence.

I saw a real case on TV once where a guy in America wanted to file a (bogus)
abuse (!) claim against his wife, and he used an audio recording with a
lot of screaming and him yelling "don't hurt me" etc. as "evidence". His
wife was bit smarter though, and had secretly videotaped the entire incident.
The man's claimes were duly dismissed, and the video that makes him
looks like an ass (yelling "don't hit me" while his wife is some three metres
away and doing nothing offensive) is still in circulation in the real-TV scene.
Serves him right.

> >When in dangerous areas (like the USA), wear a kevlar vest as often as
> >possible. It may not be a force field, but it can prevent some nasty
> injuries.
> If you walk into a meeting and everybody takes of their jacket you're going
> to look pretty foolish wearing a bulletproof vest, microphones and a
> firearm on your body.

Some of the lighter ("city") models can be discretely worn under your clothing.

> It would make many customers itchy and might severly
> hamper your job-opportunities (I make no judgement if this is justified,
> but most companies have a rule that says 'No guns in the office' or
> something).

Well, it makes kind of sense. Stun guns and mace should be allowed
anywhere though. That should nip many sexual harassment cases in
the bud ;-)