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Mark D. Fulwiler wrote:

> deluxe -= <> wrote:
> > By the way, as much as you'd like to think, our government HAS not been
> > very straight with us in the past. In fact, our US Government has done some
> > absolutely heinous things AND covered them up in the name of national
> > security.
> Yes, but they were eventually found out. The secret the government had
> the biggest interest in keeping was the atomic bomb. However, we now
> know that the Russians were getting notes direct from Los Alamos. To
> imagine that the government could hide evidence of aliens for decades is
> beyond belief.

Well, I just spent the day shooting with my freind, a retired Air Force Colonel,
who spent 30 years in military intelligence, and is a consultant to the South
Korean CIA. He told me that once when he was testifying to the Senate
Intelligence Committee, the gentleman in charge of all classification of
information was testifying with him, and he told the committee that 95% of all
information that is classified is done merely so as to keep from embarassing the

This guy's conclusion after three decades in the highest levels of our nation's
intelligence operation around the world, and many years since consulting with
many governments, is that there is not one single government in the world that
has as its prime goal to improve people lives. All governments are only concerned
with is perpetuating their power and opressing the people, and everywhere he has
been the biggest problem people have in life is varying levels of government
dragging them down.....

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