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I would like to join the WTA action list, how do I do so?

Nick Bostrom wrote:
> Hello everybody! On the WTA action list we have been discussing an
> updated formulation of a set of transhumanist principles. The latest
> version is as follows. Comments and suggestions are welcome...
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> Transhumanist Principles 2.1
> (1) Humanity will be radically changed by technology in the future. We
> foresee the feasibility of redesigning the human condition, including
> such parameters as the inevitability of ageing, limitations on human
> and artificial intellects, unchosen psychology, suffering, and our
> confinement to the planet earth.
> (2) Serious effort should put into understanding these coming
> developments and their long-term consequences.
> (3) Transhumanists believe that by being generally open and embracing
> of new technology we have a better chance of turning it to our
> advantage than if we try to ban or prohibit it.
> (4) Transhumanists advocate the moral right for those who so wish to
> use technology to extend their mental and physical capacities and to
> improve their control over nature. We seek personal growth beyond our
> current biological limitations.
> (5) In planning for the future, it is mandatory to take into account
> the prospect of dramatic technological progress. It would be tragic if
> the enormous potential benefits failed to materialize because of
> ill-motivated technophobia and unnecessary prohibitions. On the other
> hand, it would also be tragic if intelligent life went extinct because
> of some disaster or war involving advanced technologies.
> (6) We need to create forums where people can rationally debate what
> needs to be done, and a social order where responsible decisions can
> be implemented.
> (7) Transhumanists support scientific humanism. Though as a matter of
> fact most transhumanists believe in individual freedom, transhumanism
> in itself is politically neutral.
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> The following people have contributed comments: Doug Bailey, Anders
> Sandberg, Gustavo Alves, Max More, Holger Wagner, Natasha More, Eugene
> Leitl, Doug Baily Jr., Berrie Staring, David Pearce, Bill Fantegrossi,
> den Otter, Ralf Fletcher
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