Re: Year 2k - for better or for worse

den Otter (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:03:57 +0100

> From: =- deluxe -= <>

> Personally, I'm shocked at the lack of press coverage over the Y2k
> problem. As many of you CS know, its only a matter of time now before
> our country and many of the worlds economic structures take their worst
> beatings in history. Does anyone know of a website which organizes the
> information in a professional/scientific assessment?
> I've only heard a little in the press. This is probably because they
> don't want to exacerbate the problem by having people with lots of money
> withdrawing their portions from the world banks.. but that's only a
> small part of the hysteria this computer malfunction could bring on..

But how bad will it really be? How will the y2k problem affect simple
things like your PC, web access and email? For example, can we
expect this list to crash? (now *there's* something really serious)...

Something else: everybody's talking about the negative sides of this
alleged crash, but as with most disasters there must be ways to
(greatly) profit from it. Although most people got hit in for example
the crash of '29, some became millionaires overnight. There must be
ways to profit from the (potential) chaos that will follow the y2k
problem, and not just as a programmer. It would be stupid to let
a golden opportunity like this one pass...Any suggestions? ;-)