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Fri, 27 Mar 1998 10:56:25 +0000

Here's some text used to sell a video from R.Hoagland's website, for
those who didn't feel like launching netscape during email, it may
appear to be flakey (if not entertaining) but its worth checking out:

On February 28, 1992, at the invitation of a United Nations staff
special interest group (SIG), Richard C. Hoagland took his case to the
U.N. Speaking before hundreds of U.N. staff, delegates and invited press
and guests, Hoagland extends his intelligence hypothesis concerning the
mystery of Cydonia, to planet Earth: demonstrating that the same
mathematical message encoded in the layout of the ruins on Mars is also
found at many of the mysterious ruins on this planet. With many stunning
slides and film clips, Hoagland shares his insights into a new science
of "fourth dimensional physics" gleaned from the Cydonia research, a
physics that opens the door to unlimited energy sources that could
revolutionize our technologies, if not change the way we think about
the universe itself. The last 24 minutes of Vol. 2 contain an analysis
of the extraordinary footage, captured by NASA on September 15, 1991,
when the U.S. space shuttle Discovery recorded what appears to be
UFO-like spacecraft cruising over the Indian Ocean at enormous speeds,
turning at right angles and accelerating to several hundred thousand
miles per hour after being "shot at" by two missile-like flashes,
violating all current laws of physics. The fact that this video was
broadcast live over NASA's own satellite channel (NASA Select), leads us
to believe that this was a "U.S. black budget" project, test leaked from
the highest offices at NASA -- despite NASA's current claim that the
film shows only "ice crystals from a waste water dump". Shortly after
this video was aired, the head of NASA, former astronaut and commander
of the first U.S. S. Enterprise space shuttle, Admiral Richard Truly,
was abruptly fired. Hoagland believes that he and his associates have an
important inside track on what this striking video really represents,
given the "hyperdimensional" physics found encoded in the ruins of
Cydonia. Once you see this video, you will be convinced that this is the
"smoking gun" that proves that something extraordinary has been
happening in the solar system, if not on planet Earth, for a long, long
time . . . something that up until now, we have not been "permitted" to
know. Question: now that we do know -- what do we plan to do about it?