Re: morality

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Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:55:13 +0000

> From: "Mark D. Fulwiler" <>

> "Peter C. McCluskey" <> wrote:
> > I hope my criticism didn't convince you that debating fundamental ideas
> > is futile. Many attempts use futile approaches, such as rephrasing ideas
> > their opponents have already rejected. If you want to alter your opponents
> > beliefs (rather than promote solidarity within your side of the debate, as
> > many arguments seem designed for), you need to understand why they reach
> > different conclusions than you, which requires a genuine interest in how
> > they think.
> You make good points, Peter. Rants-although they are fun-rarely convince
> anyone of anything. But a little rightuous anger isn't all bad, is it? I
> love reading some of the arguments of the radical abolitionists of the
> early 1800's. They called slavery evil and slaveholders evil people.
> It's exhilerating to read them. They didn't make utilitarian arguments
> against slavery, but they did have some effect on public opinion. Would
> they have done better with an economic analysis of slavery which would
> have shown that it made the country as a whole and the slaves, but not
> the individual slaveholders, economically worse off?

Why not point out that in the long run it made the individual
slaveholders worse off?

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