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[Note: Earlier parts of the peme debate --
including the "peme rules" -- can be found
at: '#TL075: Pemes = Political Memes' --
and '#TL076: The Twilight of the Phobocrats' --
which are periodically updated.]

At 11:50 PM 3/22/98 +0200, (catkawin) wrote:
>Mr. Mann wrote:
>> But, what if I'm really free and sovereign *by nature,*
>> irrespective of the freedom and sovereignty of others?
>> What if I can discover that I'm free and sovereign by
>> nature -- and then, develop my knowledge, wits, and
>> resources to the point that, for most practical purposes,
>> I can live as a free sovereign -- irrespective of the
>> "unfree" masses around me (who haven't yet discovered
>> they're free and sovereign)?
>Mr. Mann speak her against his own words: "We have to use our
>minds to expand in a way that could snowballs. We could acti-
>vate the minds of others into becoming more potent freedom
>weapons." Why should we do this if we are really free and so-
>vereign *by nature*, irrespective of the freedom and sovereig-
>nty of others and if we can live as a free sovereign -- irres-
>pective of the unfree masses who haven't yet discovered they're
>free and sovereign?! If we can live as free sovereigns without
>others -- why to hell should we activate other minds into more
>potent freedom weapons?!!
I have a long-term goal of biological/physical immortality.
The greatest hindrance to BI, in my opinion, comes from
*coercive political thought and behavior*. To reduce the
risk of being killed by coercive political people, it's
in my interest to do something about it.

I'm in the process of tracking down the most basic causes
of coercive political behavior, and developing the means
to communicate about this effectively.

For me there are five elements here:
1. Discovering you're free and sovereign;
2. Developing the practical skills, etc. to live
prosperously as a free sovereign;
3. Assisting others to do 1 and 2;
4. Reducing the risk of others violating your freedom and
5. Achieving BI.

>And on the other hand:
>Who is my freedom and sovereignity by nature if I live in a
>poor country with 50% unenployment, a high inflation, no industry
>and 150 $ annual salary average per inhabitant?! Who is my free-
>dom and sovereignity by nature if I am very poor and hungry?!
>Who to hell is my freedom and sovereignity by nature if I don't
>find solvent customers for my service in a backward country?!

In practically every poverty-stricken part of the
world some people become wealthy. You could also
move to another part of the world. If this seems
difficult, you could work on a ship, and "jump
ship" in some appropriate "not-so-backward" part
of the world.

Then there are all the things you can do via
computers/Internet that are not location dependent.
You can find solvent customers in other parts
of the world. (All the above is easy for me
to say because I've done it!)

>I didn't say that "freedom is indivisible" -- but we have to accept
>that the system isn't only a spiritual phenomenon; it's a fallacy
>that the system havn't no negative practical economic effects. To
>free humans from 'peme' programs as the only simple way to give
>everybody a chance to discover they're free and sovereign is a
>midlle class dream in industrial countries. If we should activate
>our freedom and sovereignity by nature irrespective of others than
>we need a developt economy like the industrial nations and last but
>not least a access to the internet -- and this isn't for 80% of
>humans on earth a option.

In my opinion, coercive political bahvior tends
to have devastating economic consequences for
the vast majority of people. Nevertheless, I
believe individuals can rise above bad economic

Much more is necessary than clearing out peme
programs. See Report '#TL05B: FREEDOM STEPS'
-- <>
and the 'Millionaire Reports' at

Frederick Mann

"The [one] who knows what freedom is will find a way to be free."
-- Robert LeFevre
"We are free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it."
-- William Faulkner
"The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."
-- Steve Biko
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