Re: Is "Property" a Deep Peme?

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 20:38:34 -0500

Freespeak wrote:

> >Will the anarcho-capitalists ever realize
> >that "property" only has meaning within the
> >context of "society"?
> Before I formulated the Peme Conflict Principle,
> I would have said the word "property" is probably
> not a deep peme. Now I say it probably is. It's
> a dividing concept many people polarize themselves
> around, particularly at the ideological extremes.
> Peme Rule 4: "Pemes shall divide humans into
> opposing and conflicting political and economic
> factions -- such as "conservative"/"liberal,"
> "capitalist"/"socialist," and "statist"/"anarchist"
> -- who shall endlessly argue, fight, and even kill...
> in the name of pemes."

I would classify the concept of property as a sexual/reproductive instinct.
Even animals build their nests and defend their territories. That phobocrats
use this instinct to serve their own ends with the pemes they build
indicates its power as probably a primary human instinct.

> On some lists there have been long and sometimes
> acrimonious arguments over "property" -- with no
> useful resolution that I know of.
> A useful question might be: If "property" were a
> deep peme in people's brains, what would it make
> them say?

And since even animals understand the concept of property, what does it say
inside an animals brain?

I would imagine that as soon as women started using sex as a commodity and
men started using women as property, phobocrats began to take power by
manipulating this market tension.

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