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Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 17:56:25 -0500

the reason why this is happening is NOT because you are responding to all
participants, but because you have your reader set to send duplicates back to
yourself. In the case of the list, your mail reader is taking the TO: line as
you and sending it to the TO: individual, which is also the list. you need to
not send duplicates back to your self.

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> Based on the non sequitur responses I got, I don't think my posting was
> very clear. Let me try again. I know how to use my individual software so
> as to not disrupt the List. As a Network and Security Engineer, my
> question is why we have configured this List so that every Netscape and
> Eudora e-mail client has a button on their tool-bar that will disrupt this
> List? Do we really think the solution is warn all the List participants to
> "never push this button"?
> Netscape and Eudora mailers have toolbars that contain two reply buttons.
> One button is a "Reply-to-All" button which replies to the list and to all
> particpants (sender, receiver, cc'd persons) to make sure they get copies.
> This keeps participants who are not on the mailing List from getting
> dropped from future discussion. The Other button is a "Reply-to-Single"
> button that will only reply to the List only. This button drops
> participants who are not on the mailing list from future discussion. Both
> of these buttons are available at all times, and the user can always hit
> either one. We cannot control which button a user hits to reply. Some
> people have suggested setting the "defaults" in the e-mail client, but
> these defaults only set which function key calls which button. Both
> buttons are always available on the toolbar and the users who use the
> buttons still have to remember which one to hit for this List. There is no
> way to restrict the software to only type of reply.
> The Extropians List is set up so that only one of these Reply buttons will
> work as expected with no side effects. The user cannot choose what kind of
> reply to use. Only one button will produce a single posting, whereas the
> other button will trigger a cascade of duplicate postings for any followups
> to the message. Control for who should be included in the reply is
> restricted by the centralized List software and is not left to the user.
> The centralized List software requires specific choices from the end user
> if it is to function correctly. If the end user makes the wrong choices,
> the entire List will suffer the disruptions in future posts. The reason
> for this is that this List advertises itself in the headers as being two
> "extropians" lists, one at "" and one at "". When a
> user tries to Reply-to-All, they send copies to both of these Lists, which
> both go to the same destination.
> Other Lists are setup in a way that either Reply button will work as
> expected with no side effects. The user can choose what kind of reply to
> use. Both buttons work, and the List always gets one and only one posting.
> Control for who should be included in the reply is left to the user. The
> centralized List software does not require any specific choices for the end
> user. The reason for this is that most lists have a single name only.
> They are only listed under one name in the headers, so there is one and
> only one reply to the List in any case.
> Do we desire to be set up so only one Reply button will work? Is there a
> reason why we don't want this List set up like other Lists so that either
> button will work? Do we want to make the user's choice not disruptive in
> either case? Or do we want to allow every List participant to have a
> button on their desktop that can disrupt the List on every single message?
> Do the benefits of calling this List both "" and
> "" outweigh the annoyance of the duplicate messages?
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