Re: Tale of Two Economies

Arjen Kamphuis (
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 04:38:28 +0100 (CET)

At 09:12 18-03-98 -0600 Jeremy Ulrey, you wrote:
>I'm not the original poster, and hence I don't feel the need to prove
>that a welfare system wouldn't work, but I ask instead that you prove
>there are few significant non-economic side effects to such a welfare

Food, housing, education and 1st-class medical care available for all
citizens. I call that a _very_ positive (but non-economic) side effect.

The primary reason I posted was to correct the (IMO), false, statement that
welfare systems cause weak economies (look at various European economies
and you'll see it's bit more complex than that). My knowledge of economy
is inadequate to 'prove' that welfare systems are economically sound, I
just feel that the material cost of welfare to me is well worth the
increased quality of life for others and from what I see around me on this
continent about 300 million people seem to agree more or less (libertarian
parties are even more insignificant here that in the US).

I do not (any longer ;-) expect to convince many people on this list about
such things so y'all just do some state-bashing if you want but stick to
the facts (Fact: It is possible to have a healty, growing, high-tech,
efficient, knowledge & services-based economy and an extensive
social-security system).


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