Re: Duplicate Postings again

Harvey Newstrom (
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 18:27:35 -0500

At 1:14pm -0500 3/21/98, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>Don't mean to give you a "DUH", but here's your header as follows:
> Harvey Newstrom <>
> Reply-To:
> To:
>This tells me that you have your mail reader set to send a copy of the message
>back to the 'To:" (which would normally be you for personal mail), which in
>this case is If you undo this setting on your mail
>reader, then things should be fixed.

You realize that your suggestion, while functional, would break other
e-mail situations, and corrects a problem that only this List has? Yes I
do have my mail set to reply to all participants. If I get mail "From:
Person A", "To: Person B", "CC: Person C", and "Reply-To: Person D", I
really do want my comments to go back to all of them. If I start excluding
specific headers from getting a reply, then I will start dropping
participants in other multi-person e-mail conversations. Therefore, my
default setting is as you describe, and I do my best to remember to
manually edit my replies to this list to remove the "bad" address and keep
only the "good" address.

I purposefully let the default headers from the List go uncorrected in this
case, so that anybody who checked the headers would see that my description
of the List process was correct. I sent my e-mail to one address only.
The List itself added the second address. Depending on your software
settings, you might have duplicated your response to me. My method of
posting is valid and nonduplicating. My method of replying is valid and
nonduplicating. It is only when these two methods are also combined with
the List's added headers and duplicate naming, that we will see duplicate
posts. Although we can break this chain of events on the sending side or
the receiving side, as network engineer I would blame the List Software
itself as being the root cause of the problem.

If there is no good reason to run this List under two different alias
names, the problem can be easily solved once and for all. My question is
"Who configures this List?", and "Why is it set up to do this?" Is there
really a good reason that the List sends out headers with two different
names for itself? If we edited everything down to use just one and only
one name, wouldn't that be more straightforward and work better?

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