Re: Duplicate Postings again

Harvey Newstrom (
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 10:47:45 -0500

At 12:40am -0500 3/21/98, Randall R Randall wrote:
>On Fri, 20 Mar 1998 08:30:37 -0500 Michael Lorrey <>
>>Randall: Please stop CC:ing the list at the same time that you are
>>posting to the list. DOuble posting are annoying and a waste of
>Well, I know. :-\ Thanks for the reminder, though. My email
>prog slaps that in there every time, unless I remember to
>change it.

I have complained about this before, but nobody seems to do anything about
it. The duplicate addresses and CC:'s are being added by the List software
itself. I don't think it is efficient to try to get everybody who posts to
this list to try to remember to remove the duplicate addresses. If we
believe in Intelligent Technology, then why are we running brain-dead
software? Why are we asking the humans to readdress mail to override the
List Software?

More to the poing, why do we have to run the list under two names
( and Can't we just choose one name and use it?
If we must use both names, why can't the List Software be fixed to append
the proper "Reply-To:" field matching the List name being used? It is when
the To: field uses one name for this list and the List Software adds a
different name to the Reply-To: field that causes us to end up with two
different names. Or put another way, when someone posts a message to the
"Extropy.Org" List, the List software appends an instruction to CC: the
"Extropy.Com" list as well. This is causing the duplicate postings.

Asking every List subscriber to readdress the postings properly to fix the
bad addressing of the List Software is very inefficient. Sometimes humans

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