Re: Is "Society" a Deep Peme?

James Daugherty (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 07:16:59 -0500

>and I completely
>disagree with your notion that some memes can be labeled "pemes",
>that is, "memes which are used by the powerful elite to oppress
>the masses", or whatever absurd notion you have...
>No, I'm not being civil. Oh well. Anyway, I have a quote that
>I picked up somewhere which I go by when analyzing things like
>this. "Never ascribe to malice what can more easily be explained
>by human stupidity". I do not believe that there is some conspiracy
>by people in power to control the ideas and thoughts of the masses
>for the sole purpose of keeping themselves in power. I don't even
>believe the Communists did this. Rather, I believe that the avarage
>"person in charge" believes in the ideas he is indoctrinating others
>with, and the negative consequences of this are the result of of
>stupidity, not malice.
Check out what "L. Reichard White" <>
suggested concerning the possible evolution of pemes through
trial and error at <>.
No "malicious conspiracy" has been suggested.

James Responds:

Contrary to the above, there is no conflict or even necessary
distinction beween trial and error evolution and conscious conspiracy.
Like any thing else political/economic power conspiracies or power
organisms proceed by trying out various conscious and sub-
consciously conceived power strategies of the then current "leaders".

A major peme is the the widespread tendency to recoil from the
idea of conspiracy......

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