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On Fri, 20 Mar 1998 01:00:18 +1100 Dwayne <> writes:
>Randall R Randall wrote:
>> >Make sure that your companies are able to easily out-compete the
>> >local competition.
>> And since the only way to out-compete someone (rather
>> than force them) is to provide some combination of a
>> better product and a better price, how is this a bad thing?
>If this is the case, why is dumping outlawed?

The answer to 'why is [x] outlawed', is always,
"because it was to a politician's benefit to
propose such a law'. There are two cases,
public land, and private land, and in the case
of the latter, such is tresspassing, not 'illegal
dumping' (or should be, rather). In the case of
the former, the economic reason for both the
desire of people to dump trash there and the
desire for the law is that the land is not owned
by a private party. Were this the case, no such
laws would be required. :)

>There is short term benefit and long-term benefit....

But both will be reflected in a free market price
for nearly anything.

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