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On Thu, 19 Mar 1998 18:10:03 +1100 Dwayne <> writes:
>Anton Sherwood wrote:
>> > Even more convenient to do away with the overheads of occupation
>> > and rule and extract just as much money from unfair trade as you
>> > could have via tribute.
>> And what is "unfair trade"?
>Trade where some players in a market have more advantages than
>others. the sort of stuff being waved at microsoft.

Which is *also* poppycock. If all of the players in a market
are exactly equal, what they are doing is not competition,
but gambling.

>> And how do you pick winners in the marketplace, without governing
>Make sure that your companies are able to easily out-compete the
>local competition.

And since the only way to out-compete someone (rather
than force them) is to provide some combination of a
better product and a better price, how is this a bad thing?

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