Re: Circular Crackpot Identity

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 02:28:50 -0500

Anton Sherwood (

>...identity is the *relation* between A and itself.

IAN: A "relation between A and A" expresses
a misunderstanding of both identity and relation.
Relation occures between things that differ. The
"relation between A and A" and null because the
difference between A and A is null.

>If "A" were the identity, then all things which are equal to themselves
>would be equal to each other.

IAN: So if identity is "same as" then I have
no identity, since I'm the same as nothing.
If I have an identity because I am the same
as myself, then all my attributes of identity
would exist minus the rest of the universe.
I'd be 6 feet tall if "the foot" did not exist.
I'd be an "Earthling" if the Earth did not
exist. In sum, your identity analysis is wrong
and reflects a lack of careful analysis.

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