Re: FYI : Islands in the Clickstream - March 14, 1998

Prof. Gomes (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 16:21:52

At 12:54 17/03/98 +0100, you wrote:
>I think the old systems for mental training have a lot going for
>them. Unfortunately they are filled with plenty of junk
>(i.e. ideas/settings that are unsupported, but passed down as great
>revelation or dogma since nobody has dared question them) and
>non-scientific thinking. Science is the organized search for
>knowledge, many of these systems actually try to reach knowledge
>through fairly formalized structures, but they lack the interest in
>making the results accessible, replicable and useful. A modern mental
>system ought to include that.
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More or less...>> A menthal method like zen, f.ex, could be scientifically
analysed and accepted or not as a possible "knowledge-seach"
method...Suppose also that it would be able to lead the researcher directly
to a conclusion... Then scientists could use it as a knowledge-prospector,
or a "knowledgescope"... Of course the scientific method, with its
formalized structures, would be used together with the tool, to assure the
veracity of results... The main problem is: to make serious scientific
studies about zen, parapsychological phenomena etc...and filter what is
really useful on them...and create serious technology...