Re: Cuba

Dwayne (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 21:04:37 +1100

John K Clark wrote:

> >>Me:
> >>Anarcho-socialists, is that anything like jumbo shrimp?
> >Not a government but an entity which is designated by some method by
> >the voluntary members of the group or commune which the entity is
> >going to direct.
> I don't know what you mean by "entity" and I don't know how it's "designated"
> or who does it, but I think I do know what you mean by "voluntary", join us
> or take a bullet in the brain, you're free to choose.

wow, so much for politeness on the list. Is this *really* how you
think another listmember thinks? That's a pretty sad attitude if
it's true.

> >I have visited Cuba twice so on my observations Cuba is desperatly
> >poor but uniformly poor, as opposed to before the revolution when
> >there was rich, middle class and poor.
> Well of course you're completely correct. Communism can't make poor people
> rich but it can make rich people poor. What puzzles me is why you think
> that's a virtue.

This of course depends on how you define 'poor' and 'rich'.