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Mon, 16 Mar 1998 21:53:31 -0700

> Anton Sherwood wrote:
> > ... it wasn't by mere chance that Americans
> > won the wars.
> > Why didn't Brazil (for example), which had similar
> > advantages of size and isolation, win them?

Dwayne wrote:
> Brazil in no way had the industrial base of the US. What a silly
> example.

Of course it's a silly example. But *why* is it a silly example, i.e.
why isn't Brazil also an economic powerhouse?

> > I like to think it's not *only* military power that makes Americana
> > fashionable around the world ...
> What on earth makes you think "americana" is *fashionable*??
> American military prowess and money are *desired* around the
> world, but "fashionable" "americana"??

Okay, so it's just my imagination that the whole world drinks Coke and
watches Baywatch.

> I find it amusing in the extreme that a collection of people who
> declare themselves anti-statist are defending the US so
> vigorously...

Every state is evil, but ours is - or was - among the least evil.
I'm not as big a fan as Mike Lorrey, though. I think it was he who
pointed out that the USA did not take advantage of WW2 to pursue
territorial expansion; that may be because the courts might make the
government treat its new subjects like citizens -- much more convenient
to occupy them as "military advisors" and/or rule through puppets.

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