Free Markets Decentralized?

Ian Goddard (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 23:23:03 -0500

Yak Wax ( wrote:


>'Government' is defined by the people - even the most totalitarian of
>governments was and is defined by the people. Free-market Capitalism
>is 'dynamic centralism' - although the point(s) of control may change
>far more quickly than other centralist systems, they still exist. If
>you were to take a single moment in time of an FMC system, you would
>clearly see the consumer majority gathered around the supplier

IAN: A skillful answer, but not an accurate
answer. Yes, suppliers are fewer than consumers,
however, the paradigm you posit of a "consumer
majority gathered around the supplier minority"
avoids the fact I highlighted, that consumer de-
mand controls who those suppliers are and what
it is they are doing. Therefore, while "central"
implies "control of the many by the few,"
consumer-demand implies exactly the opposite,
which is control of the few (suppliers) by the
many (consumers). So your paradigm collapses.

Free-market capitalism is true decentralization.

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