Re: Free Entity = Free Energy = Fallacy

Prof. Gomes (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 20:29:48

1At 17:37 16/03/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Ian Goddard wrote 3/13/98: <Energy is holistic.... Identity is
>holistic.... I'm working away attempting to perfect the description of the
>holism of identity and the identity (defined as "same as") between holistic
>identity and everything: energy, force, velocity, gravity, space-time,
>electromagnetic charge...>

Everything ??? What would be the holism of the inside of a perfectly
isolated system???

And Reilly Jones wrote: Things do have a beginning and an end, there
are indivisible things,
>these are related to 'the Many' to matter or bits of substance, to discrete

Really do ??? ( ???)
You said there are indivisible things...They cannot have an end so... At
the end they would be divided anyway, possibly in a real or complex (or
else) number of parts, or even if by infinite... pluf ! :-)

>< cannot get something from nothing...>
>Tell that to the Big Bang crackpots. You cannot get energy from itself,
>nor can you get identity from itself, nor can you get an axiom from itself.
> More is involved than holism.

..... But.... if things "do" have a beginning, the universe had one... and
all come from nothing....