Fw: Pemes: The Other's Mind as a Weapon

James Daugherty (daugh@home.msen.com)
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| There is much in the following that is useful and valid. However, the
|that "society" and by implication other sub-collectives do not exist is clearly
|in error. Pemes (political memes) are to "power collectives", "political
|systems", or "social organisms" as genes are to biological organisms. One
|just as well say that biological organisms don't exist [actually some extreme
|materialist reductionists actually say this!].
| In generating a memetic favoring the individualism that is trying to be
|promoted below, I would not attempt to deny reality, but warn what little is
|left of "individuals" infected by pemes that they are being subsumed by a
|collective or power organism....wouldn't they rather be an individual? As
|operate below the level of rational analysis in most individuals such
|individuals still attempt to view themselves as individuals...so there is
|something to work with there.
| Denial doesn't work. One of Ron Hubbard's valid contributions was:
| Not Is ->> Maintains a "reality"
| Alter is ->> Changes a "reality"
| As is ->> Obliterates a "reality"

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||After observation and introspection you may realize
||that you've never interacted with any so-called
||"society." You have interacted with *individual*
||human beings (and their computers).
||"Society" is a moderately deep peme.
||Murray Rothbard:
||"..."[S]ociety," which is an abstraction that does not
||actually exist."
||"...[O]ne of the prime errors in social theory is to
||treat "society" as if it were an actually existing
||entity. "Society" is sometimes treated as a superior
||or quasi-divine figure with overriding "rights" of its
||own; at other times as an existing evil which can be
||blamed for all the ills of the world. The individualist
||holds that only individuals exist, think, feel, choose,
||and act..." ('For a New Liberty')
||Harry Browne:
||"The gigantic myth called "society" that rules so many
||lives doesn't even exist." ('How I Found Freedom...')
||Was the "society" peme planted in your brain? Did
||you buy it? Have you been helping to perpetuate
||and spread it in accordance with peme rule 19:
||"Whenever pro-freedom humans (secondary
||peme purveyors) communicate -- although
||they may question, attack, and expose a
||few surface pemes -- they shall make a
||special effort to use deep pemes in their
||language -- in order to maximize peme
||survival and propagation?"
||Tyrants use the "society" peme in various ways: "It's
||in the best interest of society"; "It's a crime against
||society"; "The will of society"; "Society is the cause
||of his criminality"; "Society has a right to define what
||marriage is and what it is not"; etc.
||By perpetuating and spreading the "society" peme, does
||your mind serve as a weapon for tyrants?
||What I'm trying to sell you on is clearing
||deep pemes from your mind, and assisting
||others to do the same.

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