Re: Pemes: The Other's Mind as a Weapon

Anton Sherwood (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 22:10:55 -0700

Frederick Mann wrote:

> Do you really believe that a certain clever,
> lying trickster is "president" (so-called)?
> Was the "president" deep peme perhaps planted
> in your brain? Did you buy it? Have you been
> perpetuating and spreading it? In this respect,
> has your mind been serving as a weapon for the
> tyrants?
> "Man in the street": "The Emperor is wonderful!"
> Violent anarchist: "Kill the Emperor!"
> Typical libertarian: "The Emperor has no clothes!"
> Deep anarchist: "Why do you hallucinate
> an ordinary naked man as
> "Emperor" (so-called)?"

Because that ordinary naked man is surrounded by goons, he is different
from you and me.

The words "president" and "emperor" are job-titles for leaders of
particular types of gangs. If I say so-and-so is a Grand Dragon of the
Ku Klux Klan, does that mean I buy into the Klan's racist memes?

When the FBI - excuse me, a certain set of terrocrats who call
themselves "FBI" - gave a certain other terrorist the title "Unabomber",
what did that imply about their memes?

If a certain "clever, lying trickster" has power to interfere with my
life in ways that other "clever, lying tricksters" cannot, it seems to
me that's sufficient reason to give him a distinctive label.

(As if "trickster" isn't itself a special label!)

> Did you read the story of the "Two Tribes"
> in the previous peme post?

I skipped over it on the assumption that it's the same meaningless piece
of drivel that has been posted before.

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