Re: Evolution and stuff (was: Re: HTML: woes)

Erik Moeller (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 23:26:54 +0100

A correction:

>The big Roman harbours had restrictions that disallowed the entry of ships
>under a tonnage of 150 tons. That means that the largest MA ship wasn't
>big enough to dock at a major Roman harbour. Actually, you managed to build
>in more than one mistake into each sentence. Great effort!

Abrams and Wrigley: Towns in Societies (1978), page 41 by Keith
Hopkins: "The minimum tonnage which would give a shipowner tax
immunity for bringing wheat to the city of Rome was 325 tonnes
burden, but that could be split among several ships, provided
none was less then 65 tonnes burden (Digest. 50, 5, 3)"
[burden = cargo, Seems ships of less than 65 to were unwanted
because they consumed too much manpower and caused too much traffic.]

Erik Moeller