Re: ATOMISM: Crackpot Theory

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 02:10:14 -0800 (PST)

> Lee Daniel Crocker ( wrote:
> >
> >I like to use that term specifically for people who
> >spend most of their time arguing definitions, rather
> >than actual substance and content, and who seem to
> >think that it is an exercise of reason to do so.
> IAN: So that's your definition of "crackpot."
> Well, you just fulfilled it. Now how about
> putting some substance where you "mouth" is.
> You allege without evidence that there exists
> somewhere a shortfall between "arguments pre-
> sented" (although you have not indicated which
> ones these are) and "actual substance and con-
> tent." So where, pray tell, is the "actual
> substance and content" of your argument?

There is none, as you correctly point out, nor did I
claim there was any. My post was as vacuous as the
one it replied to, to make an emotional impression
with no substance. I never said such activity was
wrong--just that I tend to label as "crackpots"
those who do nothing else.

Definitions are the groundwork from where argument
begins: to call a definition "argument" is like
calling a dish washer a chef--sure, you can't enjoy
the food without clean dishes, but that's not where
the real meat is.

Of course, in that last paragraph, I am referring to
the substantive difference between definitions and
arguments, which you are welcome to use different
words for if you prefer.

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