Re: Crackpot Anton Sherwood

Anton Sherwood (
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 01:29:32 -0700

> Anton Sherwood (
> > Ian, you're a crackpot...

Thanks for deleting the context.

Ian Goddard wrote:
> IAN: So what's your definition of
> "crackpot," "he who makes claims
> that none have shown false." The
> evidence supports no other con-
> clusion as to your definition.

Sorry. Next time I flatter you, I'll try to define "crackpot".

> I'd say that the evidence dictates
> that Mr. Sherwood is a "crackpot."
> Where "crackpot" is defined as he
> who makes claims without attempting
> to support them with evidence, and/
> or for which there is no evidence."

A passing observation, not a claim.

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