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Dwayne (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 21:14:37 +1100

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> > Your dream world seem to be High-Tech-Middle Ages.
> Not a bad analogy, but possibly more renaissance, depending on what
> characteristics of the middle ages you are referring to. If you are talking
> about free enterprise, low tax, self reliant, spirit of exploration and
> adventure, then I wont argue.

Erm, just curious: where do you get this idea of the renaissance from? Specifically,
which part of renaissance europe could you find these values embodied?

> > You know about most new
> > technologies, but the only use you can put to them is defending your
> > oh-so-important property.
> To a transhuman, the sum of the self extends beyond the mere flesh body. Energy
> and Material tools and resources are merely extensions of the self. As property
> defines ones resources, property defines the self of a transhuman.

I'm not sure I understand this. Why do you feel that property defines resources?
Isn't there more to resources than mere property? I would have thought that property
is, in fact, becoming a smaller and smaller part of what we could term "resources"

> Technology
> was developed in order to more easily expand the size and utility of ones
> property.

There was an awful lot more to it than that, you know.

> > All work and no play make Mike a dull boy.
> Sure, which is why I enjoy playing with my new rifle, or my new fly rod, up at
> the family cabin in the North Country, driving my red Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter
> 4x4 to get there, or just staying in town for the weekend and shooting a few
> rounds of skeet, or going skiing. When I'm home, I like to play on my PC
> equipped with an Intel P II 233 with 64MRAM, 4.8G of hard drive space, 6x CD rom
> and 2x/4x CD writer, 4800dpi 24 bit color flatbed scanner, HP color printer, or
> with my Casio digital camera. I can't decide, though, what to buy this summer
> though, either an ultralight plane, or a share in an oil well in Louisiana....
> decisions, decisions, decision.....

You have a very small willy, don't you?

> > This
> > planet could live much better with such 'forward thinkers'.
> Why thank you very much.

touche :-)