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Prof. Gomes (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 20:10:21

At 15:07 13/03/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Erik Moeller wrote:
>> ><ANTIRANT>My Libertarian views are not reactionary, at least not now,
>> >considering that the status quo is a welfare liberal statist
>> They
>> >are hardly conservative. Approving of abortion?

Of course yes... indeed: Did anybody already think in using those
ultrasonic methods for eliminating certain kidney "calculi" as an
abortion's good solution ???

>> Approving of suicide
>>and assisted suicide?

That's the kind of act that a possible regret (or even a mistake) could
never correct... >>> Ex.: Daughty, or Mommy, Daddy etc suicided during a
depressive crisis (hypothetic ex.) ?!?!?!?

>>Approving of personal drug freedom?

Two points:

1. If a serious scientific work is done comparing the equivalent relative
doses of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine etc, with the correspondant colateral
effects, and counter-indications, do not know why not a light "high-fly"
sometimes...hehehe... (sorry...)

2. If the 'man' go not so crazy that begin to be boring or even dangerous
to society, like certain people are when drunk....

>>Approving of personal
>> >choice in pornography,

YES, YES... with no paedophilia... os diseases like spanking, blood,

>>>cryptography, etc.?

why not ???