single parents

Mark D. Fulwiler (
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 12:33:55 -0800

Wayne Hayes <> wrote:

> But was it *offered*, or was it *required*, to give up your child
> if you stayed at Falwell's place? It's not a good idea if it's
> required; that's called coercion.

I do not think that any minister can require a teen mother to give up
her child. A judge could order it, if it was determined she was "unfit"
or unable to care for it.

> Could you point me to the statistics that say prisons are full of
> single-parent children? I know quite a few single-parent children
> (I'm one of them) that grew up just fine. I feel more sorry for
> my mother (since she gave up *everything* for 20 years to raise me)
> than I do for me.

I will have to track down some specific sources for you. However, I do
think it is well established that kids from single parent homes are more
likely to end up in prison. Of course, most kids from single parent
homes turn out fine, but that doesn't mean it's the optimal situation.
Didn't you ever wish you had a father? I'm sorry you didn't have the
experience. Provided he's a decent fellow, it is good for kids to have
one around.