Wax OS

Yak Wax (yakwax@yahoo.com)
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:39:51 -0800 (PST)

Personal Computers were designed as multipurpose machines, yet all
mine seems to do is run software! Windows 95, a huge monolith of a
program, does nothing more than DOS. It may contain libraries of code
used by the programs that it runs, but it does nothing else but run
them. Its interface is so minimalist - a start bar, some windows -
that I would be happy saying it doesn't have one.

My operating system on the other hand (let's call it Wax OS) is truly
multipurpose. You can take it home, install it, boot up, and write a
letter. Or, for that matter, any number of other things without once
having to stop to buy software. The interface is a work of art - it
dynamically represents interaction between the user and a document
(and nothing more.) This isn't a "graphic" interface this is a
"visual" interface. If you can load a document and you can edit it,
these two processes are now the same. The document IS the interface,
and the interface IS the application.

The "document" can be anything from some text to Quake 2, the
interface is a bunch of components that are visually represented, and
the application is a combination of the two.

User-centric Design


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