Re: Deep Impact

Anders Sandberg (
13 Mar 1998 13:17:25 +0100

Michael Lorrey <> writes:

> Weslake, Brad BG wrote:
> > Where would we get the energy to nudge the asteroid into orbit?
> Thats the easy part, since its alread in near earth orbit, simply put a
> small mass driver or plasma thruster and some solar panels on it. Use a
> portion of its own mass as reaction mass, with solar power for driver
> energy.

This will take a while, but would be very nice for a Toutatis-type
asteroid in an orbit close to the Earth's. The problem is the quick
ones (like new comets) that might sweep through the Earth-moon system
once in a while, we have less time to do something about them after
discovery than the Toutatis NEOs and they have a much larger velocity
vector. More heroic measures may be needed, since we need a much
larger isp.

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