Re: Collectivism... GOOD!!

Anton Sherwood (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 19:57:38 -0700

Ian, you're a crackpot but now and then you produce a gem. This bit
could be pasted into Bastiat's _The Law_.

Ian Goddard wrote ...
> We might also ponder, the meanings of "being sub-
> summed." I have a very collectivist view of the
> free market. I think that the "invisible hand" is
> the true collective entity. That the modulation
> of commodity pricing by supply and demand is the
> true form of socialism and what we call "socialism"
> is properly defined as "anti-socialism." The true
> collective entity is the sum of all the people,
> which is the collective sum of consumer demand,
> NOT the whim of a central planing office im-
> possed by threat of violence onto society.
> Such is the rape of the social entity!
> Free-market capitalism = real socialism
> Central planning = pseudo-socialism
> So in that paradigm, the true collective is
> voluntary, and the involuntary just a prison.

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