forward into the Middle Ages!

Anton Sherwood (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 19:39:11 -0700

somebody alleged
> >This list is for forward thinkers.

and Erik Moeller wrote:
> <RANT>
> Actually, most of your personal views are reactionary and conservative. Your
> dream world seem to be High-Tech-Middle Ages. You know about most new
> technologies, but the only use you can put to them is defending your
> oh-so-important property. All work and no play make Mike a dull boy.This
> planet could live much better with such 'forward thinkers'.
> </RANT>

If you know of a less medieval institution than private property, which
is better at producing a lively and robust economy, would you post the

Mind you, being a bit of a romantic (former member of the Society for
Creative Anachronism), I confess I do find "High-Tech-Middle Ages"
rather appealing. Everyone a noble, with machines for peasants; every
noble living in a semiautonomous fief, with banner flying ...

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