Re: HTML: woes

Dwayne (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 22:26:28 +1100

Erik Moeller wrote:

> >> - determine whether you have read a message by me or not, including
> >> information about your browser and operating system,
> >You can see if someone has read your message using the "return receipt
> >requested" or whatever it is called in most email anyway.
> There's still a difference in using documented standards and placing
> invisible remote images creating a request on a server anywhere and thereby
> logging the user's mail receipt directly without his/her knowledge.

So in your example above, the user is aware that you are being informed when
they read your mail?

> >I'd thought that the umlauts in german can be swapped for a following "e"??
> Exactly, I'd just like this to be the standard. When I write an article and
> send it via mail, I have to use either HTML or zipped 8-bit ASCII because
> otherwise the recipient would have to re-convert all the umlauts (cannot be
> done automatically) in order to publish it.

When you write to someone who doesn't speak german, only english, you write in
english, right?