Mark D. Fulwiler (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 15:44:44 -0800

Alejandro Dubrovsky <> wrote:

> If you consider India to be in good shape, then you can probably say that
> most 3rd world countries are. The fact that they've got a large industry
> is just a product of their massive population, but if you consider GDP per
> capita, poverty levels, literacy levels and life expectancy, i think you
> would find that, just like the rest of the latter Brittish colonies, they
> do just as badly, if not worse, than the French or spanish colonies.
> chau

Actually, India really is in fairly good shape. There has been no major
starvation there for many decades (unlike Africa), and the life
expectancy has been improving dramatically along with the control of
infectious diseases. Birth rates are on a rapid decline. While there has
been some ethnic and religious violence, it is nothing like some of the
horrors that have gone on places like Somalia or Rwanda. India has the
rule of law (imperfect as it may be), a democratic system and it wisely
has kept the world's greatest language, English. Per capita GDP is low,
but improving slowly. Most people are still poor, but they are not
totally destitute and seem to be happy with their lives. More people can
afford "luxury" items these days. The socialistic policies of the
Congress Party have held the country back, but everyone except the far
left now agrees that more market liberalization is needed. Yes, you will
find many pitiful beggars in any Indian village or city, but the poverty
was far worse in the past.