teen mothers

Mark D. Fulwiler (mfulwiler@earthlink.net)
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 15:05:33 -0800

Brian D Williams <talon57@well.com> wrote:

> Want another? develop a program so that pregnant teens would have
> a place to live and could develop job skills so they could keep and
> raise their babies. Make this a genuine effort, not like the Rev
> Falwell's "Baby Ranch".
> Note: the Rev Falwell used to have a place (don't know if it's
> still open) where unwed pregnant teens could stay untill their
> babies were born, they were then (the babies) put up for adoption.
> Monstrous....

Exactly why is it monstrous for immature teenage mothers to be
encouraged to put their babies up for adoption where they can be raised
in two parent homes with more mature people? I think it is idiotic for a
teenage girl to think she is doing the best thing for her child (or
herself) by trying to raise it without a father.

Our prisons are filled with kids who come from single parent homes.
Check the statistics. To encourage single teen mothers to keep their
kids is bad social policy.

I would have considered my mother to be grossly irresponsible and
immature if she had given birth at age 16 and tried to raise me without
a father. I would also have been very angry at being deliberately denied
having a dad.

I never thought I would agree with Jerry Falwell on anything!