Re: HTML: woes

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 21:41:09 +0000

> From: Michael Lorrey <>

> Its sad indeed to see neo-neo-luddites on an extropian mail list who think
> that '7-bit ascii should be enough for anybody'. I think that using HTML as
> an email standard is an excellent step up in the quality of communication.

Nope, it's a major step DOWN, because browsers are the lamest mail
clients around.

When they come out with a browser with multiple email folders,
automatic email filtering rules, automatic download so you actually
do your reading offline, and all the stuff that is standard in
non-browser email clients for Windows, then maybe I'll be interested.

Basically: there are a wide variety of very usable email clients that
don't support HTML. There are, at present no usable email clients
that do. I won't sacrifice usability for HTML.

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