Re: HTML: woes

Dwayne (
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 11:59:51 +1100

Erik Moeller wrote:

> HTML postings allow me to
> - determine whether you have read a message by me or not, including
> information about your browser and operating system,

You can see if someone has read your message using the "return receipt
requested" or whatever it is called in most email anyway.

> Who needs more than 7-bit to exchange content? The only drawback is German
> umlauts and other special characters, which I would have executed once and
> for all about 20 years ago anyway. Unicode may offer some new possibilities
> here, but HTML for a mailing list is really unnecessary. Did it ever occur
> to you that there might still be some people using PINE or stuff like that?

I generally use elm on a linux box, but I'm using my Dad's win95 machine for a
bit. So I can currently *see* HTML mail, but I'd rather have the option of being
able to telnet into my mail server from anywhere and read my mail, than be able
to see differing fonts and colours (as if that will make a message more

I'd thought that the umlauts in german can be swapped for a following "e"??