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Tue, 10 Mar 1998 19:46:56 -0500

den Otter wrote:

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> > From: Yak Wax <>
> > A few people on this list, myself included, have commented on taking
> > illegal research underground and possibly attempting to control
> > political movements that may counter progress. And while it may be
> > futile to even try this, it has a certain undeniable appeal. Besides,
> > why do we all seem so intent on obeying the law? Nobody's holding a
> > gun to your head!
> It has probably something to do with waxing fat under the current regime
> and such. People with good jobs (and especially scientists) make lousy
> revolutionaries.

True, but their kids are great, especially when hard ass dad cuts junior off from his
credit cards....

> > So, how about some people share their wisdom as to why it wouldn't
> > work, what such an organisation should do if it could work, and how to
> > go about implementing it. I have some ideas of my own, but for now
> > I'm going to keep them shadowy and elusive...
> In theory transhumanists could make a great underground organization;
> hardly any group packs more raw mental power than this one. Fortunately
> for the powers that be organizing and getting revolutionary aren't exactly
> our strongest points, maybe by definition. Still, I like the idea of a "shadow
> ExI". Not only is this simply fun and a way to gain some extra material wealth,
> but ultimately it might be the only way to survive the future. Unfortunately this
> idea is about as viable as an aborted fetus...

Especially since this list, due partly to its irreverent politics/point of view, its
regard for personal experimentation with controlled substances, as well as the
previously cited high average IQ, is almost assuredly under constant subscription by
some no good rat in the Federal bureaucracy. I'd expect a good 1/4 of all list
subscribers are intelligence agency related accounts. The first rule of
counterintelligence is to penetrate and take over the opposition groups, and make
them do what you want them to do to achive your ends.

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