Re: Ex Underground

den Otter (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 23:57:41 +0100

> From: Yak Wax <>

> A few people on this list, myself included, have commented on taking
> illegal research underground and possibly attempting to control
> political movements that may counter progress. And while it may be
> futile to even try this, it has a certain undeniable appeal. Besides,
> why do we all seem so intent on obeying the law? Nobody's holding a
> gun to your head!

It has probably something to do with waxing fat under the current regime
and such. People with good jobs (and especially scientists) make lousy

> So, how about some people share their wisdom as to why it wouldn't
> work, what such an organisation should do if it could work, and how to
> go about implementing it. I have some ideas of my own, but for now
> I'm going to keep them shadowy and elusive...

In theory transhumanists could make a great underground organization;
hardly any group packs more raw mental power than this one. Fortunately
for the powers that be organizing and getting revolutionary aren't exactly
our strongest points, maybe by definition. Still, I like the idea of a "shadow
ExI". Not only is this simply fun and a way to gain some extra material wealth,
but ultimately it might be the only way to survive the future. Unfortunately this
idea is about as viable as an aborted fetus...