Re Defining human parts 1&2

Brian D Williams (
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 07:54:08 -0800 (PST)

Reilly Jones <> writes:

>Obviously, only morally bankrupt voters could have brought the
>welfare state into being and they continue to prop it up. The
>voters' moral bankruptcy is not self-evident to them. This is a
>big reason abortion is tolerated.

Tolerated is a good word, but the reason it is tolerated is that
the vast majority of people feel that this is an issue that can
only be decided by the individual, that the federal, state, or even
local governments have no rights in this matter.

>I am trying to figure out how to keep millions of unborn children
>(developing selves) from being coerced to death each year. I
>don't know them and they are living thousands of miles away, is
>this a very Extropian thing to do?

Really Reilly, I have an answer for you, support contraception use
and education, every pregnancy you help prevent will eliminate the
possibility of an abortion, if the "right to life" movement had
taken this position years ago millions of abortions could have been

Want another? develop a program so that pregnant teens would have
a place to live and could develop job skills so they could keep and
raise their babies. Make this a genuine effort, not like the Rev
Falwell's "Baby Ranch".

Note: the Rev Falwell used to have a place (don't know if it's
still open) where unwed pregnant teens could stay untill their
babies were born, they were then (the babies) put up for adoption.


I'll make a prediction, you'll do neither, the many pro-lifers I've
met (ever hear of a man by the name of Schneider?) were never
interested in preventing pregnancy, just interested in preventing
unwanted (not in their eyes) pregnancies from ending. Why? See the
above paragraph.

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