Re: Defining Human - pt. 2

Anton Sherwood (
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 20:29:34 -0700

Michael Lorrey wrote
> > That the 'right to choose' is not mentioned is irrelevant, as it is
> > implied that it belongs to the people, unless they delegate it to the state
> > (which is where state laws can be used to outlaw abortion, and where Roe v.
> > Wade was an improper decision, in that it presumed federal authority to
> > restrict state rights which the poeple had previously delegated to them).

Reilly Jones wrote:
> You are correct about it being an improper decision and why it was
> improper.

Here's one more who agrees.

> You are incorrect that there is any 'right to choose to murder
> an unborn child'. Prior to Roe v. Wade, it was unthinkable. Roe v. Wade
> stepped in and redefined human [...]

If by that you mean Roe v. Wade was the first ruling ever that abortion
is not necessarily murder, you're out of your tree.

Arjen Kamphuis wrote
> > When you think about it rationally (whatever that still means in this
> > context...) it seems to me clearly immoral to allow all kinds of suffering
> > when we have the means to end it (or most of it).>

> Does this include the suffering of the many individuals who are in terrible
> pain helplessly watching the legal slaughter of the innocents? Why isn't
> it immoral to allow this suffering to go on?

For the same reason it's not immoral to allow people to suffer the
of unSaved neighbors.

den Otter wrote 3/6/98:
> > For the record, here's part of my ideology:
> > Pro: Abortion (pro choice, not squeamish about number of months of
> > pregnancy).
> [...]
> > Con: Murder...

> Hmmm... Something's fishy here.

Or not, depending on one's beliefs about murder.

Berrie Staring wrote
> > don't do to anyone/anything what you don't
> > want to be done to you. I think it's almost a natural law.>

> Then mothers most likely shouldn't murder their unborn children since they
> probably don't want to be murdered themselves.

And don't eat anything, if you prefer not to be eaten.

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