Re: Ex Underground

Dan Clemmensen (
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 17:39:25 -0500

Yak Wax wrote:

> A few people on this list, myself included, have commented on taking
> illegal research underground and possibly attempting to control
> political movements that may counter progress. And while it may be
> futile to even try this, it has a certain undeniable appeal. Besides,
> why do we all seem so intent on obeying the law? Nobody's holding a
> gun to your head!
> So, how about some people share their wisdom as to why it wouldn't
> work, what such an organisation should do if it could work, and how to
> go about implementing it. I have some ideas of my own, but for now
> I'm going to keep them shadowy and elusive...

At least in the U.S., it is a felony to participate in a conspiracy. If
you make
an exhortation in an e-mail that somebody else do simething illegal, and
the person enetes into a discussion with and subsequently performs that
illegal act, then you have technically committed conspiracy. I'm less
on whether or not the other participants in the discussion are also guilty

of consciracy, but they might be. In light of this, please hold such
only among those who wish to be involved. Thanks.