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Arjen Kamphuis (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 12:04:34 +0100 (CET)

At 22:57 8-03-98 -0700 Mark D. Fulwiler <> wrote:
>Mark Miloscia <> wrote:
>> Having obligations (family, social groups, community, state, nation,
>> foreigners, etc.), doesn't make one a slave, it make one responsible.
>An obligation is something one assumes, unless it is a negative
>obligation like the obligation not to harm others. I have not chosen to
>assume responsibility for people I don't know who live thousands of
>miles away. If this "obligation" is foisted on me, it is slavery.

I agree. However asking someone to help you helping others is not
'foisting' it is a respectful request or a plea. You still keep control.

>You can do as you please to help people in any way you wish. I really
>don't see why you care what I do or don't do.

Maybe Mark Miloscia is hoping that he can convince you of his point of
view, by presenting his case to you in a resonable manner based on respect
for you as an individual. Maybe Mark Miloscia is hoping that if he
convinces you this will benefit the people he is trying to help himself. As
long as no coercion is involved it seems to me that figuring ou ways te
prevent people from dying, even if we don't know them and they are living
thousand of miles away, is a very Extropian thing to do.

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