Re: Corporate Socialism Model

Dan Clemmensen (
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 16:23:51 -0500

As I recall, James said that he didn't recall the details. However, his
discription reminded me of some stuff I'd heard about the
"Greenbelt Cooperative". I STFW, and found
Hope this helps

GBurch1 wrote:

> James, I'd be very interested if you could find some reference for this
> experiment. Some questions occur to me: Can the shares be sold during the
> lifetime of the shareholder (i.e. the purchser would have a "life estate"
> measured by the life of the original shareholder)?; what is the core business
> of this corporation (is it essentially a metropolitan services enterprise)?
> This may be somewhat similar to the use of tribal corporate business with
> which many Native American groups are experimenting. I've often thought that
> those enterprises should be watched closely as models for new forms of
> governance and social organization.
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