Re: extropians-digest V2 #413

brian keavey (
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 21:57:08 PST

Some questions for Reilly Jones & other "pro-lifers":
Are you willing to be annihilated & then cloned back from a single
cell (leaving you with everything you had at conception?)
Are you willing to be forced to endure the discomforts& risks of
pregnancy- morning sickness, weight gain, fluid retention, hormonal and
neurotransmitter changes, all of it? If not, why should this be
*forced* on anyone else? In particular, why should anyone claiming to
act for "society" have the right to force such further indignities on
a rape victim?
Are you willing to suffer tremendous agony & risk death to give
birth, and then give up many other things in life to care for the
resulting person for 18+ years? Are you willing to have others define
your "proper role" largely in terms of having and caring for children,
regardless of your wishes? If not, why would you inflict this on any-
one else against their will? Because *she* is female? Because she
engaged in pleasurable friction with a male some time earlier?
And why on earth is it desirable to allow "bans on cloning or
other enhancements"? Why give Jeremy "Ned Ludd, Jr." Rifkin & his
army of brainwashed zombies "from 20,000 centuries deep" as Ayn Rand
might say, more ammo to fight their holy war with?

Brian Keavey

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