Re: ETHICS: The Marginalization of Humans and the Abortion Issue

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 21:16:32 -0500


> As I see it, the abortion debate has very little to do with the value of life
> or what it is to be human. Its purely about individual freedom. If the
> individual freedom of people were not at stake there the abortion debate would
> be less robust by several orders of magnitude. An illustrative example: If you
> polled 100 people from both sides of the abortion issue they would probably all
> agree that the unnecessary death of children after birth should be avoided at
> all costs. There is little dispute of the value of life after birth. Yet
> 40,000 children die each day from hunger. The developed world drops a virtual
> Hiroshima bomb on the Third World every two days in the form of depravity. In
> the last three years the number of children that have died from starvation in
> the Third World outnumber the number of abortions since the Roe v. Wade
> decision.

Gawd, what decade are you still in? Just how is it that the developed world is at
fault for the starvation of children in countries which most of the time actually
produce enough food to support the population, but hold back supplies from areas
where dissident groups are based (as was the case in Ethiopia and Somalia, as is
the case in Burma, as well as present day Indonesia) Hunger is a tool of third
world despots, not of the first world citizenry who wind up footing the bill to
feed the starving masses of other peoples basketcases.Spouting anti-western
statist propaganda does not win any points in these debates. If anything, it is the
fault of the authoritiarian states that produce such propaganda for their fifth
column insurrectionists that the side effects of such brinksmanship even occur. Get
off the statist treadmill.

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